ALL ITEMS WILL BE INSURED AND PROFESSIONALLY PACKED, UNLESS YOU SPECIFY OTHERWISE – shipping is charged and quoted individually from the prices listed on our site. We are not responsible for any additional duties, taxes or customs clearance fees.


We use a custom wooden crate to protect artworks such as sculpture, large-sized wall artwork and fragile items during shipping. Here is the process:

  1. We place a sheet of acid-free tissue paper on top of the front of the painting (the painted part). This protects it from moisture and dust.
  2. We then assemble the frame by screwing the hardwood strips together to fit the perimeter of your artwork, leaving the top strip unscrewed for now. The hardwood strips should be just wide enough to accommodate the depth of your artwork and we use a sheet of bubble wrap on each side. We ensure that the frame is large enough to easily place your artwork inside it, but not so large that the piece won’t be secure during shipment.
  3. We then ensure that the top piece of the frame fits over the top edges of the side strips. This piece will be unscrewed to remove the artwork once it arrives at its destination.
  4. We cut two sheets of masonite board to fit the front and back of the frame (including the top strip, which is not yet attached).
  5. We secure one sheet of masonite board to the back of the frame using wood, glue and screws.
  6. We line the frame with a piece of bubble wrap and place your painting inside. There should not be any room for it to jiggle around inside the frame. We then cover it with another sheet of bubble wrap (on top of the glassine paper).
  7. We then place the other sheet of masonite board on top of the frame, securing it well with wood, glue and screws. We then ensure that it is airtight, so that moisture cannot get inside.
  8. We mark the top board of the frame with ‘OPEN HERE’ and screw it tightly into place on the frame.
  9. We mark the outside of the crate clearly with your name.
  10. Finally, we place plenty of ‘FRAGILE’ stickers on the box.


How to pack a sculpture for Return Shipping:

  1. Use bubble wrap and place it around the upper half of the sculpture 4 times. Only wrap this half of the sculpture at this time. Cut the bubble wrap and secure it with tape.
  2. Then overlap the top of the bubble wrap, so that it protects the top of the sculpture. Secure it with tape.
  3. Now, wrap the bubble wrap around the bottom half of the sculpture 2 times. Ensure that you overlap the bubble wrap in the middle slightly. Cut the bubble wrap and secure it with tape down the side and around the middle where the 2 pieces overlap.
  4. Then overlap the bottom, so that it protects the bottom of the sculpture, and secure it with tape.
  5. Fill the box up about 1/3 of the way with shredded paper or sponge. Make a hole in the middle of the shredded paper so you can set the sculpture down in the middle of it. Then set the sculpture down in the shredded paper and fill the remainder of the box with shredded paper. Make sure that you securely pack the shredded paper around the sculpture, so that no movement is possible during shipment.
  6. Tape the box closed and put the address on the label: Artbag Studio, 120 High Street, Amersham, Buckinghamshire, HP7 0ED, United Kingdom.
  7. Affix the shipping label to the box and place some tape over the shipping label so it does not accidentally get pulled off during shipping.