Glitterati (Single Panel)

Product Dimensions: 29 x 5 x 34.5cm


‘Glitterati’ is a pop art hanging wall art piece, with repeated Artbag shapes brightly coloured in either high optical glitter or flock. We have 3 unique pieces in stock or you can create your own using our bespoke design tool.


(Height x Width x Depth)

34.5cm x 29cm x 5cm

1ft 1 37/64″ x 11 27/64″ x 1 31/32

1 in stock

Sizing Guide

This eye-catching pop art hanging wall art features a glittering blue Artbag mounted on a matching background. A vacuum-formed polyurethane Artbag has been cast in relief and individually hand-coloured with optical, high definition glitter. The work is displayed in a slick, modern, white box frame and protected by a perspex glass sheet.

Each piece of ‘Glitterati’ hanging wall art is unique; if you have been inspired by this, you can also design and commission a bespoke piece here.

Dimensions 29 × 5 × 34.5 cm

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