Small Female Artbag

The Petite Artbag was recreated in 2019 with more contemporary curves and lines and in a delicate petite size, the idea was to create a stunning artwork that could be given as a gift and collected over time. Measuring just 13.5 cm tall standing 10 cm wide and 3.2 cm deep. They can be presented in a glass cloche, miniature plinths or simply in their bespoke gift box.

Personalisation includes an extensive palette of colours, text suspended inside or applied on the outer surface. Clients have chosen meaningful dates, places, names, messages and poems. The option to encapsulate a special item is also made available to you for an additional charge. Each Petite Artbag is beautifully presented in a display box and makes a totally unique gift to self or a friend.

Since their introduction they have featured on the runway at New York fashion week, they have been purchased by the miniature toy Museum in Basel for their collection and gifted to an eight-year-old as her first art piece as well as clients coming into the Artbag Studio gallery seeing them for the first time and falling in love. They were first displayed With TAG fine art at the Saatchi Gallery in London and sold to a lucky collector.