Poop arrives at the Artbag Studio!

Posted on 21st November, 2019

The poop bag has arrived at Artbag headquarters today.

The iconic ballon dog by Jeff Koons has had a makeover by him what’s his name. Adding the poop makes a comment about how people try to crap on you as an artist in the art world.
I have incased poop dog in rose gold into my iconic Artbag and included a pearl necklace for both its beauty, elegance and sexual connotations.
The dog wears a pearl necklace like a lead but is trapped on view for everybody.
This collaboration is launched globally and is a unique edition of 25 individually designed Artbags in collaboration with Sebastian Burden otherwise known as ‘himwhatshisname’ priced at £2,500 for the first 10.
As the edition reduces in number the price is set to rise.


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