COBRA Amsterdam

Van Baerlestraat 8, 1071 AW Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cobra Art Company, founded in 1983, sells it’s art worldwide through a selected dealer network, in the interior business.

In the Netherlands, Veenendaal, we have two locations:
– The 1100 m2 showroom, which can be visited by appointment.
– The gallery in Amsterdam where we welcome consumers and interior designers.

46cm tall x 46cm wide x 12cm deep, 15kg

The Wolf of Wall Street is a film made in 2013 by Scorsese depicting with great exuberance a sinner who, for his part also describes his sins exuberantly, brings to light the mighty unconscious of humanity. The different between Jordan Belfort and his victims/and between the fictionalised Belfort and his viewers is that he does what we would do but don’t dare, he says what we think and feel but suppress.
The Wolf of Wall Street is the first modern movie about the world of finance because it situates money in the so-called Libidinal Economy Jean-Francios Lyoterd (the micro politics of desire).
The vision of power involves humilation and wealth that is luxurious, carnal, carnivalesque and violent.
The secrets are out of the bag.
I could go on and on about the sati our and meaning of this film and why I hold it up for examination in this Artbag.

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