46cm tall x 46cm wide x 12cm deep, 15kg

This iconic Miami movie is celebrated with the creation of the scarface bag. It contains iconoclastic troupes from the 1983 film directed by Brian De Palma and written by Oliver Stone. It stars Al Pacino and the beautiful Michelle Pfeiffer. It’s filmed in the art deco district of Miami beach on Ocean Drive at 13th street.
This bag was displayed at the Scope Art fair in Miami in 2018 located opposite this famous spot. It has become a cult classic movie and was nominated for three golden globes.
The film depicts a drug fuelled paranoia that fan the flames of Tony Montana’s ineventiable downfall.
It tells the story of rags to riches through becoming a powerful drug lord. It is a tale of immortally and success.
Scarface can be seen as a glorification of the criminal lifestyle were acts of murder, drug taking and materialist desire are glamourised.
The film shows us how Tony Montana fell as quickly as he rose and is a mortally tale which critiques American gangsters and shows us the horrific repercussions of a criminal lifestyle, excessive and martialist desires.
In recent years Tony Montana has been a common source of inspiration for rappers who idolise him in popular culture. This highlights deceit and greed, for this reason I wanted to make a bag that symbolised the American dream gone wrong and as a cautionary tale, where gun crime is common place and immortally and greed lead to disastrous consequences.

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