If you’re searching for a very special and unique gift for your husband or wife, our luxury art handbags could be just what you’re looking for. Artbag designer Debra Franses has been expressing herself through the medium of art for years and continues to develop designs inspired by her own experiences, current affairs and political issues today. It’s hard to describe the uniqueness of Debra’s thought-provoking handbags but shop the range today and find something your wife, husband, or significant other will adore.

Art Meets Fashion

Raised by an artist and a handbag designer, Debra herself was exposed to a unique outlook on art and fashion from a young age, which helped develop her intriguing style throughout art school. As a student, handbag design was a form of therapy for Debra to cope with her parents’ divorce, though she now uses the medium to express her social and perspective notions. We hope you’ll find Debra’s carefully designed art handbags inspiring and either treat yourself or purchase as a gift for your husband or wife.

The Global Meltdown 2020 Collection

Inspired by the unforeseen, history-making pandemic of 2020, the meltdown collection serves as an expression of thought and feeling to art enthusiasts around the world. Embrace the strange times we find ourselves in – check out Debra’s 2020 meltdown collection and find the perfect gift for him or for her.

Custom Luxury Art Handbags

Looking for something a little more meaningful for yourself, your wife, or husband? Debra has always enjoyed working directly with consumers to create bespoke, personalised Artbags. A truly rewarding experience, creating a custom art handbag allows you to encase your sentimental items (in a resin mould) and see the entire design process from start to finish. Find out more about creating custom art handbags here.